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Entornos, primer curso de lengua española
A flexible program that supports hybrid and online academic programs


Novice to Intermediate Low for Higher Education

This introductory Spanish course helps learners develop the language skills and 21st century learning strategies they need to connect to real-world, practical issues. The engaging and relevant cultural coverage, with exciting videos and technology, brings the Spanish language to life.

The course is divided into two volumes, making it adaptable to the needs of various programs and academic calendars.

Entornos supports key competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving to help learners thrive–in and out of the Spanish language classroom.

Entornos. Primer curso de lengua española

Entornos helps students develop the language they need to interact confidently in Spanish. This two-level communicative course supports dynamic, empowered learning through these 5 instructional pillars:

  • An inductive learning journey of discovery and inference that keeps students actively involved and deepens their understanding of language.
  • Immersive, relatable scenarios steeped in real-life learning that provide a framework for communication.
  • Explicitly taught learning strategies that help students reflect on their own learning and style of communication to find the processes and methods that work best for them.
  • Content with social and emotional relevance to increase students’ motivation to learn Spanish, boosting acquisition and retention.
  • A focus on cultural and intercultural learning to help students build global awareness while developing authentic communication skills.
Entornos is designed by Editorial Edinumen and its US based team, Edinumen USA.

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