Flexible, customizable content

Entornos is divided into two volumes. The first contains Units 1 through 9, and the second contains Units 10 through 18. The material can be customized to adjust to the structure of different programs and academic calendars.

For additional configurations of the materials, please contact the sales representative for your area.


Download the Table of Contents:


  • Student Book
  • Student eBook
  • Online Workbook
  • Online Resources
  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition
  • Annotated Instructor eBook
  •  Online Resources

Digital Resources

Entornos features a wealth of digital resources designed to supplement and enhance the Student Book. All are available in the rich, interactive world of Entornos.

Student Online Resources

Students can access a wide variety of attractive multimedia material and interactive activities aligned with the content of each unit:

  • Interactive activities for each section.
  • The online Workbook with additional interactive activities.
  • The Video Program offering four fantastic videos for every unit.
  • Interactive eBooks for the Student Book.

Instructor Online Resources

Instructors will find on ELEteca all the tools and digital resources they need to teach and manage their Spanish class:

  • Digital Master Guide.
  • Assessments.
  • Appendix and additional resources.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Lessons.
  • Extension Activities (Photocopiable).

Hybrid and Online Academic Programs

This flexible program supports hybrid and online academic programs. The wide variety of integrated components, both print and digital, work together seamlessly to ensure students have access to meaningful instruction and practice to support their learning.

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