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An intermediate-level Spanish course

Destellos is thought provoking Intermediate-level Spanish course for students who are continuing their Spanish language education. In addition to language instruction, Destellos takes a deeper look at Spanish-speaking cultures, helping students build cultural awareness while learning authentic, modern communication skills.

This student-centered course gives learners the opportunity to use language effectively to complete real-world tasks in a variety of socio-cultural contexts—raising their awareness and understanding of Hispanic peoples, Hispanic culture, the issues and challenges they face and how they fit into the larger global story.

This material offers students a modern and diversified approach to topics and cultural practices, and a set of distinctively authentic and relatable learning materials.

The course is divided into two volumes, making it adaptable to the needs of various programs and academic calendars

What makes Destellos special?

Destellos helps students develop the language they need to interact confidently in Spanish. This two-level communicative course supports dynamic, empowered learning through these 5 instructional pillars:

  • An inductive learning journey of discovery and inference that keeps students actively involved and deepens their understanding of language.
  • Immersive, relatable scenarios steeped in real-life learning that provide a framework for communication.
  • Explicitly taught learning strategies that help students reflect on their own learning and style of communication to find the processes and methods that work best for them.
  • Content with social and emotional relevance to increase students’ motivation to learn Spanish, boosting acquisition and retention.
  • A focus on cultural and intercultural learning to help students build global awareness while developing authentic communication skills.
Destellos is designed by Editorial Edinumen and its US based team, Edinumen USA.

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