Destellos reaches beyond general competency skills, working to provide students with activities that emulate real language and tasks that build their ability to successfully interact in Spanish-speaking environments

Features of Destellos:

The Destellos program consistently provides students and instructors with the following:

  • Communicative activities and functions to help students become active participants in their learning.
  • Cultural content that includes excerpts from literary works, contemporary music and the visual arts that are related to the unit theme, as well as authentic articles and essays.
  • Fragments of feature films that work together with the unit content to strengthen students’ understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures as they learn and develop intercultural sensibilities.
  • Strategies that ask students to formulate hypotheses, accessing the meaning of new vocabulary and structures based on what they already know or can infer.
  • More than 90 audio recordings, ranging from listening comprehension passages to literature and news articles.
  • Instructor resources that offer suggestions for classroom instruction and include additional activities that can be seamlessly implemented in class.
  • Digital resources for both instructors and students, including fully interactive eBooks and a wealth of online practice activities.


Flexible solutions for your program’s needs

Destellos is divided into two volumes. The first contains Units 1 through 6, and the second contains Units 7 through 12.

Choose the course tailored to the needs of your academic program.


Download the Table of Contents:


  • Student Book
  • Student eBook
  • Online Workbook
  • Online Resources
  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition
  • Annotated Instructor eBook
  • Online Resources

Hybrid and Online Academic Programs

In addition, this flexible program supports hybrid and online academic programs. The wide variety of integrated components, both print and digital, work together seamlessly to ensure students have access to meaningful instruction and practice to support their learning.

  • Face to face traditional classes
  • Hybrid or Blended classes
  • Fully online classes

Digital resources

Destellos features a wealth of digital resources designed to supplement and enhance the Student Book. All are available in the rich, interactive world of Destellos.

Student Online Resources

Students can access a wide variety of attractive multimedia material and interactive activities aligned with the content of each unit:

Instructor Online Resources

Instructors will find on ELEteca all the tools and digital resources they need to teach and manage their Spanish class:

  • Assessments
  • Appendix and additional resources
  • Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
  • Extension Activities (Photocopiable)
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