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An extensive selection of materials that equip teachers with everything they need to teach and students with everything they need to communicate fluently in different Spanish-speaking contexts.

What makes Mundo real Second Edition special?

Mundo real Second Edition helps students develop the language they need to interact confidently in Spanish. This four-level communicative course supports dynamic, empowered learning through these 5 instructional pillars:

  • An inductive learning journey of discovery and inference that keeps students actively involved and deepens their understanding of language.
  • Immersive, relatable scenarios steeped in real-life learning that provide a framework for communication.
  • Explicitly taught learning strategies that help students reflect on their own learning and style of communication to find the processes and methods that work best for them.
  • Content with social and emotional relevance to increase students’ motivation to learn Spanish, boosting acquisition and retention.
  • A focus on cultural and intercultural learning to help students build global awareness while developing authentic communication skills.


  • Student Edition
  • Student eBook
  • Workbook
  • Online Resources
  • Manual para hispanohablantes
  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Teacher eBook
  • Online Resources

Digital Resources

Every student and teacher using Mundo real Second Edition gets free Premium online access to ELEteca, a sophisticated LMS platform and digital hub that extends the Mundo real Second Edition program and offers many more opportunities for students to learn and use Spanish.

Student Online Resources

Students can access a wide variety of attractive multimedia material and interactive activities aligned with the content of each unit:

  • Online practice for each section.
  • The online Workbook with extra interactive activities.
  • The Video Program offering four fantastic videos for every unit.
  • Interactive eBooks for the Student Edition and the Manual para Hispanohablantes (Heritage Speaker Workbook).
Video Samples
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Teacher Online Resources

Teachers will find on ELEteca all the tools and digital resources they need to teach and manage their Spanish class:

  • Lesson Plans: Pre-set 50- and 90-minute lessons to help save time.
  • Assessments: Ready-made and editable tests, unit tests and IPAs.
  • eBooks: Access to all student and teacher text for projection in class.
  • Video Scripts: Support for the ¡Accion! and Voces latinas videos.
  • Audio Scripts: Full Student Book audio organized by unit and available for download.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary: Reference documents including downloadable word lists.
  • Extension Activities: End-of-unit activities to continue the learning.
  • Workbook and Manual para Hispanohablantes: Includes Answer Key, Audio Files, and Audio Scripts.
The more they play, the more they’ll learn!

Mundo real Second Edition grants each student a license to use Guadalingo, an innovative educational Spanish video game that takes place in an immersive world. Produced by Editorial Edinumen and certified as lexically and grammatically correct by the Royal Spanish Academy of Languages.

In Guadalingo students can create their avatar and practice using the language in dozens of learning missions that will challenge them with simulated real-life tasks in a multitude of scenarios.


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