• Student Print Edition plus 12 months Digital Super pack (eBook + Identidades en español/ELEteca online program)
  • Student Digital Super pack 12 months access (eBook + Identidades en español/ELEteca online program
  • Student Digital Super pack 6 months access (eBook + Identidades en español/ELEteca online program)
  • Teacher Print Annotated Edition plus 3 years teacher Super pack (ATE eBook + SE + Identidades en español/ELEteca online program)

Student Book

The Student Book comes in print, in eBook digital format, and with access to the digital extension and resources on ELEteca. Each level of Identidades en español provides nine instructional units of eight sections each. Each of the eight sections consists of a two-page spread through which students receive multi-modal instruction, corpus-informed practice activities, and a culminating application task. Each of the eight sections has a specific objective:

  1. Presentation of the unit context
  2. Activation of students’ prior knowledge and experiences
  3. Vocabulary acquisition presentation and activities
  4. Grammar presentation and activities
  5. Four-skill communication-centered task-based activity sequence
  6. Cultural presentation and activities
  7. Hostal Babel video series with pre-, during-, and post-activities connecting media and unit content
  8. Student reflection and assessment

The Student Book also has a Pronunciation and Orthography Appendix with ten sections of presentations and activities that can be used to support communication skill development.


ELEteca Online Program

ELEteca’s online program for Identidades en español provides a motivating online environment that invites students to take control their learning by providing a menu of opportunities to practice, apply and extend their linguistic and cultural proficiency.

Four steps to my digital autonomy – ¡en español!

Step 1. Aplico lo aprendido

  • More than 500 interactive activities for each level that allow students to practice what they learned in every section of the student book.

Step 2.  Amplío mis destrezas

  • Skill-building laboratory helps students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Step 3. Consolido mi gramática

  • A compendium of beautifully crafted grammar slides, accompanied with practice exercises helps students to absorb and understand the most significant Spanish grammar topics.

Step 4. Evalúo mi progreso

  • Over 250 online assessments included per level to help teachers and students determine their progress on unit content.

Hostal Babel

Hostal Babel integrates unit content and expands students’ sociolinguistic and cultural knowledge in a humorous and engaging video series.  We meet five Spanish-speaking students from different countries who live in a hostel and become friends as they learn each other’s customs, personalities, and unique ways of life.

The program also includes access to the Student e-book.

Instructor’s Manual

This rich resource guide provides all you need to easily and effectively use the program:

  • Suggestions for best practices in instruction, and ideas for additional and alternative activities
  • Visuals for digital projections and virtual whiteboards
  • An appendix with activities that illustrate the use of the Corpus of the RAE
  • Answer keys and audio and video transcripts for the Student Book


ELEteca Online Program

A wealth of resources at your fingertips to customize your Spanish course!

  • Program Syllabus.
  • Student book translations Assessments.
  • Ready-to-print: Skills Assessments every three units, Final exam and Unit tests.
  • Assessments: Test Generator.
  • Audio resources: Audio scripts and Student book audio tracks.
  • Video resources: Hostal Babel series, Voces Latinas series, ¡Acción! series and Street Interview series.
  • Project Based Learning every three units.
  • Lesson Plans.

Video resources – Videoteca+

In addition to Hostal Babel, Videoteca+ contains three video programs that provide more than 6 hours of engaging, authentic communicative and cultural input. Teachers can choose videos to project in class  and reinforce key content.

  • Voces de la calle: Person-in-the-street interviews with native speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries to learn their tastes, way of life, etc.
  • Voces latinas: Brief documentaries about Latin culture that highlights the richness and diversity of Hispanoamerica.
  • ¡Acción!: Series in which a group of young people communicate in real-life situations.

The program also includes access to the Student e-book and digital Instructor’s Guide.

Our LMS, ELEteca provides you with a wealth of resources that allow you to customize Identidades to multiple instructional settings, digital or face-to-face.

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