Identidades en español: Uniting Scientific Research with Best Practices

Editorial Edinumen, a global leader in publishing materials and providing professional development for Spanish as a world language, is proud to present Identidades en español, an exciting program combining our instructional processes and their world-wide Spanish corpus from the Real Academia Española (RAE) to inform instruction. From the beginning, students are immersed in engaging linguistic and socio-cultural experiences that give them the confidence find their own identities as members of the worldwide community of Spanish speakers.

What Makes Identidades en español unique?

Spiral Instructional Design

Input through Identity

  • Spanish language and cultures worldwide
  • Worldwide Spanish corpus of the RAE
  • Contextualized linguistic and cultural experiences

Practice through Integration

  • Scaffolded, precise activity sequence
  • Emphasis on interpersonal communication
  • Linguistic and cultural identity developed in context

Output through Impact

  • Meaningful, contextualized action brings closure
  • Personalized, purposeful application in context
  • Autonomy leads to growing competence and developing identity
Discover Identidades en español with Lead Editorial Consultant Norah Lulich Jones

Norah Lulich Jones
Lead Editorial Consultant for Identidades en español

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